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Sales Lead Generation Communications Packages for Your

Sales and Marketing Efforts

SalesPilot CRM Add-on Communications Packages

Your SalesPilot License Comes with a Base Package of Voice Minutes and Incoming and Outgoing SMS Messages. You Can Upgrade at Any Time to Suit Your Growing Communications Requirements.

Every SalesPilot CRM Account comes with a base communications package for incoming and outgoing SMS's as well as incoming and outgoing voice minutes. Please see the chart below for the various packages and overage fees.


We Solve the Problem of Communicating with Your Prospects and Clients

Reach out to us if you have custom communication needs to discuss your specific requirements at [email protected] or speak to someone at 888.980.8170

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Not sure if the baseline communications package you're using today is right for your existing SalesPilot CRM account?

Streamlined and Automated Communications with SalesPilot CRM

  • Unified Communications to streamline prospecting, selling, and closing new business via voice, SMS, and email.

  • Speak to a prospect seconds after they respond positively to communications so that you can speed the sales process to close.
Roofer Lead Generation | Sales Pilot CRM by Mixed Media Ventures
Roofer Lead Generation | Sales Pilot CRM by Mixed Media Ventures

Tracking, Reporting, and Analytics

All the tracking, reporting, and analytics you require to ensure an efficient sales organization from opportunity and pipeline tracking to understanding the call history, closing ratios and more.

Reach out to us if you have custom communication needs for your SalesPilot CRM and business to discuss at [email protected] or speak to someone at 888.980.8170.

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"Today, communications are mobile. Business is done by text, email, and phone. Face to face rarely enters the mix unless your business depends on door-to-door sales. We'll help you choose the right package for your business needs so that you don't over-buy or under-buy and experience additional overage fees so that you can thrive"

We created SalesPilot CRM to help businesses grow and speed their time to new sales. If you're looking to add new sales quickly to reach your financial targets this year, next year, and beyond. Chat with us and see if SalesPilot CRM is for your company. The conversation is no obligation and you may just give yourself the tools you need to generate faster revenue for your business..

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